Adult Swimming



The LDI team offer adults of all abilities supportive, fun and bespoke swimming sessions to help you achieve your swimming goals.

- Sessions for males and females of all ages

- Small groups working in abilities with accommodating teachers.


Mondays 7.45-8.30pm and 8.30-9pm Newlands Girls School

Newlands Pool is preferable for deeper water training, diving, tumble turns, triathlon training, open water or swimming for fitness

We also run a water confidence group helping those who have had traumatic previous experiences with water and wish to learn to relax and enjoy being in and around water. Our teachers have completed the Aquaphobia CPD.


Wednesdays 7.20pm and Thursdays at 8pm Claire’s Court College Road pool

Warm pools, shallow water to stand up and practise breathing and floating

College Road pool is ideal for developing skills for open water swimming, front crawl breathing, learning how to dive safely and to set and meet your own personal challenges with the help of our experienced swimming team.


Ladies only learn to swim sessions

These are available on an individual basis or for a small group of friends on Mondays 6.30pm at Claire’s Court Junior Boys Pool or Fridays 6pm on request

Adult Water Fit

Monday mornings

Holiday Inn, Maidenhead


9.30am Senior Water fit (45mins) for over 60’s

Senior special discounted sessions encouraging people to keep active in the water

Improve balance and agility reducing the risk of falls

Low impact exercise using water as resistance

Increase muscle mass, flexibility and range of movement

Great for those challenged by arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s and stroke recovery


10.15am Adult Water fit open to all

Water based physically active session designed to get your heart rate up, improve flexibility, weight loss, core strength and have fun.

Participants use pool buoys, free weights, noodles, kick boards to challenge the resistance of the water in a circuit-based style session around the pool.


LDI offers special discounts for our participants to use Spirit Health Club pool and fitness facilities as well as on refreshments in lounge area whilst attending a session.

Free parking

Quote from WaterFit Participant:

"I have mobility issues with my knees and feet following a car accident, I am limited to the amount of excersise I can do on dry land, but the water is so much better for me.  These Waterfit classes have helped me get a little fitter & more motivated, they can be geared to your ability and they are a lot of fun too."